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 GDX LAB is a full-service CLIA accredited high complexity clinical  laboratory established to provide the highest quality healthcare and

diagnostic testing services to medical practitioners and patients in the city of Englewood regions immediately south of Denver.

We are providing a variety of clinical and molecular testing options  to a wide networks of patients, clinics and hospitals, and use this expertise to

help customers with highest confidence and reliability in our service . 

CEO’s Message &
Core Values

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From our Foundation to Present

GDX LAB is established from experts in the field of Genomics and Genetics to provide a next generation testing service to support precision medicine. We work with just about any technology in molecular diagnostics that any clinics would encounter such as PCR, Next Generation Sequencing and Microarrays.

We relentlessly pursue research, technology, and quality – providing unparalleled, cutting-edge clinical laboratory science and delivery. 


Soon Jae Kwon,


About CLIA


GDX LAB – High Complexity CLIA Laboratory



  • CLIA laboratory refers to a laboratory that operates under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations in the United States.
  • CLIA is a federal regulatory framework established to ensure quality standards for clinical laboratory testing.
  • CLIA laboratories are subject to certification and inspection to ensure compliance with CLIA requirements.
  • These laboratories perform a wide range of diagnostic tests, including blood tests, genetic testing, pathology analysis, and microbiology cultures.
  • CLIA laboratories play a crucial role in healthcare by providing accurate and reliable test results for patient diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.
  • The regulations aim to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of test results by enforcing quality control measures, proficiency testing, personnel qualifications, and laboratory quality assurance.
  • CLIA regulations apply to various types of laboratories, including hospital-based labs, independent reference labs, physician office labs, and other testing facilities.
  • Compliance with CLIA standards is necessary to maintain the integrity and credibility of laboratory testing in the healthcare system.